Support KI Nation; Kanaawayandan D’aaki! Protect KI Homeland

URGENT ACTION ALERT:  Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI) Indigenous Nation is protecting their homeland from a gold exploration company that has staked mining claims directly on top of KI sacred burials.  KI may need to turn back the company as soon as December.  Please take action to support KI at:

In 2008 KI Chief Donny Morris went to jail for refusing to allow mining exploration his community feared would contaminate their water supply.  The remote Indigenous community succeeded in fighting off mining exploration by Platinex, but now a gold exploration company has staked claims directly on top of sacred KI burials.  Ontario continues to violate KI’s right to say ‘no’ to mining exploration on their Homeland. 

KI First Nation has governed and cared for their Indigenous Homeland, Kitchenuhmaykoosib Aaki, since time before memory.  This vast area of boreal lakes, rivers, forests, and wetlands provides KI’s pristine waters, their sacred landscape, and the lake trout they rely upon.  

KI has a vision for the future of their lands and environment that benefits both KI and all life.  

Ontario must respect KI's leadership by:

1. Respecting KI's Right to Say No;
2.  Recognizing and respecting KI’s Water Declaration which excludes all industry from the Big Trout Lake and Fawn River watersheds;
3.  Respecting KI’s Indigenous laws.Kanaawayandan d'aaki!

Please take action to support KI at  Please forward to your email lists, post on facebook and twitter, and get your organization to endorse and promote this action to their members.