RAPIDS ON THE SEVERN – Update from KI Water Expedition

Last night as we camped by the confluence Terry said "Katie you feel that?  There is a warm wind."  On previous evenings he, Louis, and Ronald had predicted the coming weather based on signs like the direction of the wind, the colour of the fire, or the position of the leaves on the alders.  "What does that mean," asked Katie. Terry laughed and said "I don't know."

But that warm wind did seem to herald a change.  Since that time the pace of excitement has dramatically picked up, with each day bringing new wonders greater than the last.  Yesterday we found ourselves in the middle of a woodland caribou migration.  Check out some great video and photos of the caribou. We set up camp at the last rapids on the Severn just before an intense thunder storm rolled in.

Photo of sunset at polar bear rapids from bob

The next day some of us portaged, while some of us emptied our canoes and ran the rapids – a full kilometer of churning white water and big waves as the Severn drops over a series of limestone ledges.  what a rush.  The map calls this place White Seal Rapids, but the KI people call it Polar Bear Rapids.


At this point the 8 KI people on the trip pressed on to Fort Severn, while the 6 visitors took a rest day and stayed behind.  We said an emotional goodbye and exchanged facebook details.  There is nothing like 12 days together on the water to bring a group of people together, and to connect us in our commitment to protect this life giving river.