Keep it in the Ground: Aug. 30 Update from the KI Paddlers

Last night we camped at the confluence of the Fawn and Otter Rivers.  The Otter is the biggest tributary to join the Fawn yet.  Upstream at the source waters of the Otter, within the Fawn River watershed, De Beers Corporation has staked diamond mining claims behind KI's back.

After the KI Nation successfully prevented Platinex Corp. from drilling in the Big Trout Lake they resolved to ensure that their watershed would never be contaminated The community recorded in writing the Indigenous law protecting their home lake – a teaching passed down orally through the generations by the Elders.

Following a year long community process the KI Water Declaration was passed with overwhelming support by referendum, followed by a resolution from Chief and Council and a sacred blessing.  The Declaration bans all industrial activity from the watershed of Big Trout Lake and the Fawn River forever under KI Indigenous law.

Please help KI by writing to the Premier of Ontario to urge him to respect the KI Water Declaration.

After watching KI beat Platinex and pass their Water Declaration De Beers committed to never again explore on KI land without consent from the community [link to earlier KI lands post about de beers].

KI's control over KI Homeland is real and powerful.  They are ensuring that they will have clean water and Lake Trout forever.