Fish Pole: Aug. 29 Update from the KI Nation Paddlers

For lunch today we stopped by a fast flowing stream that enters the Fawn from the west amid a grove of large old white spruces that form a great camping spot.  Terry said that this place is named "Fish Pole" in the language.  We didn't have to ask why.  

Within twenty minutes Richard had caught half a dozen gorgeous 2 pound Brook Trout.  They are fascinating fish whose colourful spots blend perfectly into the pattern of the pebbled river bottom.  Brook Trout need very clean, cold water to thrive as they do in these waters.  The rivers up here have some of the healthiest Brook Trout populations anywhere.


We fried them in butter with sesame seeds and dill, the smoked the leftovers over alder for lunch the next day.  Yum.

We've been practicing our Oji-Cree words with some help from Terry.

Memchekoosy gizhidabo masamegoos nestendagwen.

That means "white person cooking brook trout is dangerous."