Carbon Safe: Aug. 30 Update from the KI Nation Paddlers

KI's visionary decision to protect their watershed benefits the entire planet.  The boreal forests and wetlands of the KI watershed are part of the largest land based carbon storehouse on the planet. 

The thick layers of moss and soil in this ecosystem play a critical role in stabilizing the climate by storing twice as much carbon per hectare as tropical rainforests.  That makes the boreal the largest land based carbon storage system on earth!

The KI Elders call the muskeg wetlands the "breathing lands."  Indeed they are the lungs of the earth.  Respecting KI's decision to keep their watershed intact is our best shot at keeping these carbon and methane reserves safely locked up and out of the atmosphere.

Tonight Rory caught a huge 38 inch pike fish at our camp site by Pants Off Creek.  We ate it with soy ginger sauce on rice.  

We also learned more Oji-Cree words today.

Agoweebech makajouer cheemanes.  That means "hurry up and paddle the canoe."