Check out some maps of KI Nation’s territory

Check out these maps of KI Nation's territory and usage patterns.   Higher resolution version of these maps are available. Contact kifnmedia at gmail dot com. 1.  KI land use documented in the 1970s by Kayahna Atlas 2.  KI summer travel routes documented in the 1970s by Kayahna Atlas 3.  KI winter travel routes documented […]

Learn more about the KI campaign to protect their watershed and control their homeland

  KI has been fighting for generations to maintain control over their homeland and to fulfill their responsibility to take care of their land and water.  This post has some videos, press releases, and articles about recent milestones in KI's highly successful campaign.

Check out the videos about KI Indigenous Nation

Check out the recent videos about the KI Indigenous Nation, their ptrip to Hudson's Bay to raise awareness, and their campaign for self-determination. Shot of the rapids on the Fawn river, which is part of the route taken by KI Nation members to reach Hudson's Bay.  

Media release: KI Nation paddles to protect their wild watershed

  300 km long ancient route traverses the threatened heart of world’s largest intact forest Kitchenuhmaykoosib Aaki For access to interviews, photos and video contact: Jessica Bell, 647 772 8770, This summer a team of paddlers from the KI Indigenous Nation will venture 400 km beyond the nearest road to travel the ancient trading route from their remote […]

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  Link the KI Water Expedition site to your own website so your members can follow the trip and support KI. We've created a web button that you can embed into your own side bar or page.  Just cut and paste the code into a post or widget.       <a href=""> <img src="" /> […]

Follow the Expedition to Protect KI First Nation’s Watershed

 From August 24 to September 7 a team of from Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI) Indigenous Nation, will venture 300 km beyond the nearest road to paddle the ancient route from the KI village to the Arctic Ocean at Hudson's Bay along the free-flowing Fawn and Severn Rivers. Along the way they will document and promote this […]

Thank you to the supporters of the KI Water Expedition